Drainage / Sewage Pump

Drainage / Sewage Pump

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FLYGT Sewage Pumps

FLYGT Sewage Pumps

Flygt F-pumps handle capacities of up to 200 l/s (3200 gpm), with motors from 1.7 to 47 kW (2 to 65 hp) and pumping heads of up to 81m (260 ft). These energy-efficient chopper pumps are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and run continuously with sustained hydraulic efficiency in wastewater applications, sludge pumping, and agricultural applications.



This is a complete range of circulator pumps with integrated differential-pressure control enabling adjustment of pump performance to the actual system requirement.

The pumps are energy-optimised and comply with the requirements of the EuP directive EuP 2015.

Installing an ALPHA1 pump will reduce power consumption considerably, lower noise from thermostatic valves and similar fittings and improve the control of the system.

APG Pump

APG Pumps

The APG pumps are submersible pumps with a horizontal discharge port. They are specifically designed for the pressurized pumping of sewage and wastewater containing destructible solids. The pumps are equipped with a cutter system which cuts destructible solids into small pieces so that they can be led away through pipes of a relatively small diameter. The pumps are available with or without control box and level switch. Pumps without control box must be connected to a separate pump controller with motor starter.